Home Computing

 Our friendly team have extensive experience in providing IT solutions and support to the home environment.

We pride ourselves on the service we provide and we are committed to ensuring you receive the highest standard in quality and value.

To stand by this commitment, if you currently have a problem with your technology, please contact us. If we can fix your problem over the phone within 5 minutes there will be no charge.

JAM-IT can assist in many areas of technology within the home and we will consider all requests, to find out about some of the more common services we offer please click on the icons below.

Computer Repairs

We just love fixing things, You can be rest assured we will make every possible effort to repair your technology,  all faults can be repaired however there is a point where repairs are no longer cost effective, our dedication is to you, and if this becomes apparent we will make you aware to ensure you are getting value for money, We will advise you on permanent and temporary solutions to ensure you are able to go about your daily business.

Computer Repairs Home Computing


It is all to common to experience performance issues with technology, there can be many different causes which may effect performance from wireless conflicts to hardware failure. these problem are just as common within the business as they are the home environment. The good news is JAM-IT can help, our extensive range of skills and diagnosis techniques will ensure we can solve any performance issues you may be experiencing with your technology.

Some of the more common issues we experience are as follows

  • Internet Speed Issues
  • Network Speed Issues
  • Slow Start-Up and login
  • Wireless Issues
  • Application speeds

If you are experiencing issues with your technology please contact us, we will look at any issue not matter how simple or complicated, and as with any contact to us if we can resolve your fault within 5 minutes there will be no charge.

Security and Antivirus

If you feel you may have a virus or are just concerned your device is not protected, we can help can. Viruses can cause havoc with your computer. Viruses are found in many forms, some are fairly obvious and others can lie dormant on your computer for years. With our ever growing engagement with computers and managing our lives online it is extremely important to protect your personal information. There are some signs to look out for.

  • Your computer sudenly becomes slow
  • E-mails are not sending
  • You cant receive E-mails
  • Programs/Apps don't open
  • You cant get online
  • Interent access becomes suddenly slow
  • Your internet home page suddenly change

The above can be caused by many other issues, so there is no need to panic. if you can, run a full virus scan.

Viruses and spyware can cause very serious consequences including:

  • Identity theft.
  • Fraud.
  • Deletion, theft and corruption of data.
  • A slow or unusable computer.

Alternatively please contact us. We will ensure your computer is free from viruses and assist you in ensuring your computer is safe going forward.

Parental Control

Keeping your children safe online can seem daunting. Whatever their age, we can help you to manage the content can are able to view and give you some simple, practical and easy advice on the steps you can take as a parent to keep them as safe as possible.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2018



Are you looking to upgrade your software, your operating system, your applications. Or maybe you are looking to upgrade your computer, phone or printer. JAM-IT has extensive knowledge in this area to ensure you upgrade is the right choice for you..

Mobile Devices

JAM-IT just loves mobile devices, Apple, Android or Windows, we love them all

  • Are you having issues with your device
  • Do you want help in setting up a new device
  • Do you want to make sure your family is safe on-line
  • Are you in the market for a new mobile device
  • Has your screen been damaged

We can use our expertise in helping you with all of the above and more. please free to contact us.

Screen Repairs

JAM-IT offers a first class screen repair service.

Manufacture screen repairs can be extremely expensive.

To keep your costs down we would generally ask you to send us your device or drop it in to us. We are willing to pick up your device but this would incur additional charge.

Please contact us via our contact page and we can give you a preliminary quotation. due to the nature of modern devices we can not give you a full quotation until we have assessed the full extent of the damage, but rest assured we will not repair the device without your approval.


JAM-IT can help you get the best out of your technology, our extensive technical experience is one thing but our ability to apply this to everyday life and business separates us from your traditional technical specialists. Our focus is to make your life or business more efficient and safer through the use of technology. Our tuition is hands on and real life, no classrooms. We generally offer three types of tuition,

  • One to one tuition
  • Small group tuition
  • Business based tuition

We will consider all types of tuition, some of the more common services are Getting Online, Online Safety,  family safety, using your technology, Connecting all of your devices, Storage of data, back-ups, online banking etc. To find out more please contact us